Nicolina Åkerfelt
Level Design & Scripting




Roles:  Game Designer, UI Designer, Scripter
Time: 2 weeks
Team Size: 4 Designers, 4 3D Artists
Tools: Unreal Engine 4
Contribution:  Gameplay Design, UI Design, UI Scripting


SuBow is a local multiplayer game for 2-4 players. Knock your friends out of the wrestling ring and off the mountain-top using your arrows.



My Work

In this project, my main tasks were to implement the UI elements, specifically the player selection, the main menu, in-game heads-up display, and the results screen. I will go more in-depth of how I created these below.

Player Selection

In the player selection, it is decided how many players will be playing, and which controllers are active.

In sumo wrestling, the wrestler's fists must touch the floor before the match starts. This is what we decided to do in SuBow as well. When pressing the triggers of the controller, the corresponding fist will be activated.


The game cannot be started until more than two players have joined and readied up. When one of a player's fists is down, the player will has joined the game, but to ready up both fists must be activated. The players and their corresponding controller number is then saved in a game instance, which's information can be reached through both the menu and the game levels. This is all done through a widget bluescript, meaning that the usual input nodes are not usable. Therefore, every player's trigger input key presses are checked through branches in the "Join or Ready Up"-function.


Blueprints – Player Selection

Main Menu

Logo Anim


Blueprints – Main Menu

Heads-Up Display

Player's Score

Results Screen

Decide winner, etc