Nicolina Åkerfelt
Level Design & Scripting

Scrap Pirates OLD


Scrap Pirates

Roles: Scripter, Game Designer
Time: 8 weeks
Team Size: 2 Programmers, 2 Level Designers, 3 2D Artists
Tools: Unity 5, SourceTree, Visual Studio
Contribution:  Gameplay Scripting, Gameplay Design


Scrap Pirates is a 2D exploration platformer with a focus on 2 player co-op gameplay. Master the use of your magnetic powers and help each other overcome hinders to collect all the Scrap.


  • Magnetism

    • design

    • implementation

    • how it works

  • Achievements

  • Playtesting

  • Pitching

Achievements/Results Screen



conducting, iterating


The game has been shown at several gaming conventions, some of which I attended. I chosen by my team to travel to GDC Europe and Gamescom to represent us. I was also picked by Uppsala University to represent their education in Japan as we visited several schools in Tokyo and showed this game.

Nominated for Best Second Year Project, Best Presentation, The Tokyo University of Technology – School of Media Science Dean’s Award and Pwnage Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2015.