Nicolina Åkerfelt
Level Design & Scripting

Scrap Pirates


Scrap Pirates

Roles: Scripter, Game Designer
Time: 8 weeks
Team Size: 2 Programmers, 2 Level Designers, 3 2D Artists
Tools: Unity 5, SourceTree, Visual Studio
Contribution:  Gameplay Scripting, Gameplay Design, UI Scripting, Pitch


Scrap Pirates is a 2D puzzle exploration platformer,
with a focus on 2 player co-op gameplay.

You play as scrap pirates, who loot scrap and
other valuable metals to keep their ship afloat. 
By using magnetic abilities to solve puzzles, you get to explore an abandoned terraforming vessel, encountering a lot of scrap and dysfunctional robots on your way.

Game Design

Core Mechanism – Magnetism

The core mechanic, magnetism, enables the players to interact with the environment and with each other.
There are two polarities, blue and red. All magnetic objects are color-coded,
and multiple actions can be performed with the two polarities.
All of the actions can be done with both the other player and magnetic objects in the level.


When opposite polarities meet, the users are drawn to each other. This action is called pull.
When the same polarity meet, either red with red or blue with blue, the opposite happens; the users are pushed apart.


The two basic actions, pull and push, can be used for other actions, such as using pull to hold onto another magnetic user.
Likewise, push can be used for a boost action.
And of course, both the hold and boost actions can be used with magnetic objects in the level.



The head magnetism script handles all of the magnetic interactions in the game.
It checks the polarity, object type and magnet type of the met objects.
Depending on these three values, the magnetism script will give these objects their reactions to the interaction.
If it is not a static object, the magnetism script determines what force will be applied to the met objects.

Magnetism Script

The enums script holds all of the values determining the magnetism; polarity, object type and magnet type.


All magnetic objects in-game hold a Base Object script, which keeps track of the
current magnetism list where all magnetic interactions are saved, as well as the object’s polarity and velocity.

Base Object Script


The game has been shown at several gaming conventions, most of which I attended. I was chosen by my team to travel to GDC Europe and Gamescom to represent our team and product.
I was also picked by Uppsala University to represent their education in Japan, as we visited several universities in Tokyo
and showed them our game.