Nicolina Åkerfelt
Level Design & Scripting

Rhythm Game Prototype


Rhythm Game Prototype

Roles: Scripter
Team Size: Solo
Tools: Unity 2018, Visual Studio
Contribution: Scripting


Randomize Timestamps

First, the timestamps to hit (the green timestamps)
are spawned in the timeline.
The timeline dots' positions are used for placing the timestamps.
A random number is created for the amount of timestamps to create,
and then all timestamps get a random position on the timeline.


Randomize Timestamps To Hit Script

Time Stamper

The time stamper is the white stamp which is continuously moving across the timeline.
The time stamper’s speed determines how quickly a timeline passes.
When the presses the space key, a new time stamp will be spawned at the time stamper’s location.

Time Stamper Script

Time Stamp Checker

The time stamp checker is attached to the newly added time stamp.
On spawning, the time stamp checker will check if the
new timestamp is colliding with any of the set timestamps on the timeline.
If not, the player has missed, and the timestamp will be shown as grey.
If the player was close to hitting, the timestamp will turn light blue.
If the timestamp was well hit, the timestamp will turn blue.

Time Stamp Checker Script

Point Checker & Player Script

Finally, the Point Checker will check how well the player hit the last spawned timestamp,
and switch the player character’s expression accordingly.
This is done in the Player Script, where the character’s sprite will be switched,
and at the same time the character will do a slight jump, giving more feedback to having switched faces.

Point Checker

Player Switch