Nicolina Åkerfelt
Level Design & Scripting

Inventory Prototype


Inventory Prototype

Roles: Scripter
Team Size: Solo
Tools: Unity 2018, Visual Studio
Contribution: Scripting


Inventory & Inventory Item

For this prototype, I wanted to create an inventory
using a world space backpack.

The inventory items are scriptable objects,
which can be stored in the inventory.

When a pickup item is picked up, an inventory item
is instantiated from a prefab and positioned on the
first available slot position.



Inventory Item

Pickup Item

The pickup item uses an animation curve to scale up and down.

When the player collides with the pickup item, the item’s set inventory item scriptable object will be added to the inventory.


Pickup Item

Fruit Tree

The fruit tree can be interacted by the player to spawn a pickup item of a set type.

To prevent the player from spawning an endless amount of pickup items, the fourth time a tree is interacted with a spider will be spawned instead.


Fruit Tree

Inventory Interaction

The inventory can be interacted
with using the mouse.

Hovering over an item will show a description of the corresponding item.

Clicking and holding an item will let you pick it up, to either switch slots in the backpack, or to throw it out of the inventory.


Inventory Interaction