Nicolina Åkerfelt
Level Design & Scripting

Echo OLD



Roles: Game Designer, Sound Designer
Time: 5 weeks
Team Size: 3 Designers, 4 3D Artists, 3 2D Artists
Tools: Unreal Engine 4, Perforce P4V
Contribution:  Game Design, Paper Prototypes, Sound Design, Presentation


Echo is a single player 2.5D sidescroller platformer where you play as a young girl named Mira, and her Echo in the water. Control both characters at the same time, as you overcome obstacles throughout the level.

I had a variety of tasks in this project. I was a game designer, and helped with making the game concept and mechanics fit the narrative of the game. I created the design and paper prototypes of the obstacles in the levels. I pitched the game for the jury consisting of multiple people working in the games industry. My main tasks involved finding, editing and implementing the sounds of the game.



Sound Design

The sounds in the game can be categorized as player actions, background objects, and ambience. Examples of the sounds can be head in the videos below.
The player actions consists of footsteps, jumping, landing and dragging objects.


The footsteps are dynamic, and change according to what physics material the feet hit, so that the character feels more as if she is a part of the world. The steps sounds change in pitch in order to make it not repetitive, and in the wooden footstep there are subtle wooden creaks played at random times.

The jumping and landing sounds are of the girl's breathing, to make the player character feel more responsive, whilst adding to the feeling of being small.

There are objects in the background which makes noise, to give more depth and life to the world. This is for example a telephone that has been left dangling off a table. 

The ambient sounds in the level help the rooms to feel bigger, and they create an eerie and unknown atmosphere.

  • Paper prototypes of obstacles
  • Game Design
  • Family hints
  • Sounds
  • Implementing footsteps
  • Presentation

Videos of Sounds

Implementing Footsteps Sound

materials, difference

Paper Prototypes


Family hints


I held the presentation