Nicolina Åkerfelt
Level Design & Scripting

Dancing Prototype


Dancing Prototype

Roles: Scripter
Team Size: Solo
Tools: Unity 2018, Visual Studio
Contribution: Scripting


For this prototype, I wanted to create something using the input of a touch screen. The original idea of the prototype was to have an application where the player can express their
enjoyment of music, wherever they are, whether it’s on the bus or
they’re too tired to stand up from the sofa to dance.

The player could open a scenario of their choice (e.g. dancing, playing guitar, drumming), and then by steering the character’s hands,
they can control the actions of the character.



Touch Input

In the touch input script, the touch input is checked.
A ray is cast to check if the touch overlaps any of the hands of the character. Then, depending on the phase the touch is in, it will call different functions of the hand script.


Touch Input Script

Hand Script

After a touch input has been received, the hand script will move the corresponding IK to which hand was collided with.

Depending on if the IK is positioned below or above the the middle of the screen, the IK will be flipped, so that the character’s elbows bend according to where the hands are placed.


Hand Script

Body Rhythm

To always keep the character slightly dancing, the root bone of the character’s skeletal mesh is moved up and down. If input is received, an offset is added to the movement, making it move less to not interrupt the player’s control.


Body Rhythm Script